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French Cop Turned Rapper

An anonymous rapper also known as Le Brigadier (the Police Sergeant), publicly denounces politicians who exploit crime and insecurity to get themselves elected, also covering hip hop themes such as life on the street, drugs, crime and violence.

Tracked down by authorities, Le Brigadier is a policeman himself. In his second single "Je suis un flic" (I am a cop) he starts out with: "I am a cop, no one listens to me, they just judge and criticise." This provoking album becomes a medium to address the masses while it focuses on bridging the gap between rough neighbourhoods and the Law.

More info on their myspace page:

"After Eric Blondin, Roland Gatti, Jamel Boussetta, Benedicte Desforges and the DGSE (French foreign intelligence agency) blog , this French policeman of Italian descent has been trying to leave the police force for an artistic career. Helped by music industry professionals, he has founded his own independent music label.
Funded in November 2005, MUSICOPS’ aim was at first to produce and sustain this police agent’s brave initiative to “break the code of silence” through music. There have only been 500 copies of the single distributed so far but this has been sufficient for uncomfortable rumours to circulate in certain police stations in France. Since then, the label increased its activities, working in collaboration with artists from the electro, trip hop, crunk and slam scenes."

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