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Hotel Lutetia

On the Left Bank close to galleries, top fashion designers and the department store Le Bon Marche. The Lutetia accommodated numerous painters and writers (Picasso, Matisse, André Gide…) as well as the not so nice Nazi high command in WWII. The 1910 Art Deco gem is still in great shape.

Hotel Lutetia
45 Blvd. Raspail
75006 Paris

Bonapart Paris apartments


I love when the dying-to-be hip, ultra-pretentious, trivialize the Nazi occupation of Paris by calling the Gestapo "not so nice."

Me too Bobby. have you seen Vice magazine these days. I guess boys will be boys, eh? But now that Sarko's in the Elysées Palace you could be right, maybe we're on the crest of a nazi-chic revival.

Don't forget that Hotel Lutetia is also where survivors of concentration camps returned to be reunited with family members. I disagree that using the expression 'not so nice' trivializes the Gestapo. It's like saying the Devil is 'not so nice'. The cultural understanding of the Devil, Hitler/ Nazism makes these words synonymous. I doubt very much that the writer is 'dying-to-be-hip, ultrapretentious, or trying to trivialize anything.

While the writer, Ms. Hollands, is pretentious (i've had the pleasure of making her acquaintance) I'm confident her intentions were not to trivialize such matters. She is, after all, Paris' new 'Sex and the City' girl and so she deserves a bit of artistic latitude and a great deal of respect.

And she's hot too (so bugger off)


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