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Rue Santa Fé - Carmen Castillo

Chilean filmaker Carmen Castillo appeared at Le Latina cinema on Monday 14th January to discuss her film "Rue Santa Fé" (2006), (Calle Santa Fé). This franco-chiliean documentary which is both a history of the Chiliean revolutionary movement MIR (Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria) and an exploration of her own personal history. Hunted down with her husband Miguel Enriquez (eloquent leader of MIR) whilst living clandestinely after the coup d'etat. He was gunned down by Pinochet's military assasins and she was beaten but rescued by a neighbour only to lose the unborn child she was carrying due to the assault.

The film is interesting (as well as heart-rendingly sad) for it's depiction of the exuberant and optimistic foundations of MIR - watch for the skit at the revolutionary rally when they "interview" a new revolutionary -, their Robin Hood activism following the coup d'etat and the socio-political make-up of the period before Salvador Allende's election until the right-wing takeover. Notable is the exploration of the psychology of those militants who made up the hardcore of the group; the effect on the lives of those who went into hiding, were tortured, exiled and gave up their families and young children as well as their their own country to carry on the struggle.

When they were allowed to return to Chile and experienced the "retour a la normale" under the military regime one cannot help be moved by their disappointment.

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