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From the Paris Social Club Dancefloor

Psc_diptych Photos and text by Danielle Voirin

I've been in Paris five years and hadn't been to Paris Social Club, formerly the Triptyque.  Am I the only one?  Lately I had been craving a night of dancing, London-style, losing myself in a huge pulsing box of a place with sudden blinding lights and creative electro/house/dance (I really don't have the lingo, but I know it when I hear it) music. 

I was thrilled to get an invite to see Mix Master Mike, member of the Beastie Boys, at The Social Club, formerly the famous Triptyque.
The club isn't huge, but before you orient yourself in the dark, the mirrors play with your perceptions.  We were able to get one of the few tables, and I installed myself along with my guy friends, next to another table also full of men.  Yeah, the ratio seemed to be in our favor ladies. 

The main dance area was comfortably full the whole night, and the music dance-inspiring from the moment I walked in, during the electro beats of Busy P.  Despite this, it seemed more like a concert than a dance club, with everyone focused on the DJ booth.  It made me realize that I prefer the DJ to be a bit hidden, so I can dive in and escape into his music rather than watch him play.  Regardless, the night satisfied my craving and I won't hesitate to return.

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