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La Fin de Chicou-Chicou

Adrian K Sanders writing for I V Y paris


One of my favorite bédéblogs (that's BD blogs, for you uninitiated), Chicou-Chicou, ended last week causing much outcry and expressions of chagrin from their faithful following.

What started out as a personal blog for the cartoonists Claude and Frede developed into a weekly installement from a larger group of contributors that has become an online French BD staple.

With just two real "seasons" of work, Fern, Ella, Claude, Frede, Juan, and Fabrice (et Coco) of Chicou-Chicou have come a long way both in their skills as draftsmen and as storytellers.

It's interesting to follow such a dedicated blog, where the difference between the two seasons, in terms of maturity and quality is so great, but the care and effort is so consistent.

The content itself is pretty par for the French BD course, whimsically autobiographical in nature, quirky and cute but it's definitely of a higher stock than most.

There hasn't been any indication of why Chicou-Chicou ended, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a collected volume or season three in a printed format in the near future.

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