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Photography by Danielle Voirin


Bonapart Paris apartments


but did anyone even get into the venue to see this (except Danielle Voirin!)? Being stuck at home with no babysitter, it was a schadenfreunde moment to hear the debacle was the same as the open day last year (as predicted); far too many people came, the organisers shut the doors hours early, people were stranded from their friends, some outside and some inside. Speculation that the closure was to make way for an invite only event...anyone have the inside scoop?

Since arriving I've frequently heard that one becomes a Parisian by accumulating things about which to complain. Trying to get into this show gave me the first thing to complain about! A friend and I arrived an hour and a half before the announced entry time and waited in a throbbing crowd for a good pair of hours before learning that the entrance at which we were waiting was, in a Magritte style, not an entrance at all. We heard some of the show from outside... Apparently the only way in for the general public was to attend the vernissage in the afternoon and wait inside. The only people we saw entering the venue indeed had laminated passes.

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