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'Rock is Dead?' Nights at Flèche d’Or

Wednesday, December 17,2008 at la Flèche d’Or

Bishops Each month the Parisian venue La Flèche d’or is the place to go for a full evening dedicated to British culture and the best acts of their new indie rock scene.

The soirées Rock Is Dead? aim to recreate a typical night out in Britain, relying on cool music, up-and-coming acts and a festive atmosphere - all directly imported from the other side of the channel.

An all-British menu at the Flèche d’or restaurant is especially made for the occasion.

The line up of this 3rd edition include: THE YOUNG KNIVES, THE BISHOPS (featured in photo), and S.C.U.M.

Starts at 8 pm.
Entry fee : 8€ / 10€

La Flèche d'Or
102 bis rue de Bagnolet
75020 Paris.

M° Gambetta ou Alexandre Dumas.

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