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20 Marchés

Marche 1. Aligre featuring Beauvau covered market, 12e
2. Enfants Rouges, rue de Bretagne 3e
3. Montorgueil, rue Montorgueil 2e
Marché Exotique Château Rouge, rue Dejean 18e
5. Poncelet, rue Poncelet 17e
6. Ordener, rue Ordener
between rue Montcalm et Championnet 18e
7. Bastille,
Bd Richard Lenoir between rue, 11e
8. Raspail (bio), Bd Raspail between rue Cherche-Midi and Rennes 6e
9. Batignolles (bio), 96 bis rue Lemercier 17e
Legumes Amelot and Saint-Sabin10. Baudoyer (evening), Place Baudoyer 4e
11. Cler, rue Cler 7e
St-Quentin covered market, 85 bis, bd Magenta 10e
13. Maubert, Place Maubert 5e
14. Daguerre, rue Daguerre 14e
Président Wilson, Av. du Pdt Wilson between rue Debrousse and Place d’Iéna 16e
16. Auteuil,
Place Jean Lorrain 16e
17. La Chapelle covered market (Goutte d'Or),
10 rue l’Olive 18e
18. Auguste-Blanqui Market
Bd Blanqui between place d'Italie and rue Barrault 13e
19. Belleville,
Terre-plein at boulevard de Belleville 11e
20. Grenelle Market,
Bd de Grenelle, between rue Lourmel and rue du Commerce 15e

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sigh.... I am "paris" sick which is the same as being home sick for real.......

Why only 20 when there are so many more?

And everybody mentions Belleville (although they're probably afraid to actually go there) but nobody mentions the market on the other side, the Boulevard de la Villette on Wednesdays and Saturdays, although the quality is far superior.

And what's the point of such a post when you don't actually say on what day the markets are in activity? For example, the Marché St Quentin is almost never open!

Why would people be afraid to actually go to Belleville? I go there all the time, it's one of my favorite parts of the city.

Sorry, but as for market qualities, it just depends on when you go, and what vendor you go to, not the actual market. Though I've found Marche D'Aligre to be the cheapest.

Never been to St. Quentin, as I usually just shop around where I live, but maybe someone else knows when they're open?

We can add that information in if you know when some of the markets are open - Aligre is open every day.

I don't mean being afraid of Belleville - I live there! I mean being afraid of the market. You have to fight to get through the crowds and frankly it's not always a pleasant experience although the produce is cheaper there than anywhere else I know in the city. The traders are sometimes quite aggressive too, actually shouting at customers who have the audacity to touch anything. You need to buy in large quantities and they choose for you, meaning that you often get a lot of rubbish in your bag.

For opening times and days, the best place to look is here.

Ah, your site doesn't like html...

Here's the address:

awesome, thanks for the tip Adam!
we'll put the times and dates up asap.

I'll be sure to check out Boulevard de la Villette on Wednesdays and Saturdays as well.

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