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20 Glaciers

Berthillon 1. Mister Ice 6, Rue Descombes, 17e
2. Christian Constant 37, rue d'Assas, 6e
3. Amorino 12 stores around Paris
4. Gelati d'Alberto 12, rue des Lombards 75004 and 45, rue Mouffetard, 5e
5. La Tropicale 180 Bd Vincent Auriol, 13e
6. Terre Adelice (BIO) At Alain Ducasse but also at GLOU, 101 r Vieille du Temple, 3e
7. Martine Lambert, 192, Rue Grenelle, 7e
8. Berthillon 29-31 rue saint Louis en l'ile, 4e
9. Gerard Mulot 76, rue de Seine, 6e, 93, rue de la Glaciere, 13e, corner of rue des Tournelles and rue du Pas de la Mule, 4e
10. La Marquisette 31-33, avenue de Saint-Ouen
11. Dammann's Glacier 20, rue Cardinal Lemoine, 5e
12. Angelina 226 rue de Rivoli, 1er
13. Scoop 154 rue St Honoré, 1er
14. Bac à Glaces 109, rue du Bac 7e
15. GROM  81, Rue de Seine,75006 and at MERCI, 11, Boulevard Beaumarchais, 3e
16. La Tropicale (bio) 180 bd Vincent Auriol, 13e
17. ALPEREL on-line retail store
18. RAIMO 61 Boulevard Reuilly, 12e
19. Deliziefollie 7, Rue Montorgueil, 1er (in Japanese!)
20. Myberry 25 rue Vieille du Temple, 4e (diet ice cream)

Photo: ImaginaryGirl

Bonapart Paris apartments


La Tropicale is mentioned twice. Does it mean it's twice better than the other ones:)

And including an "on-line retail store" is really scraping the bottom of the ice-cream bucket too!

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When in Paris in 2004, I visited Angelina's and had a beautiful lunch of duck breast. I asked the server to kindly take a photo of me with this meal. When I saw the photo later, I had to laugh because in the background I was being given a look of distain by a well-dressed French woman. The photo is priceless, as was my experience in that beautiful tea shop. I would love to post the photo if possible.

Don't worry they give Aussies funny looks too.....

Simon, if you will provide an email address, I'll send you the photo...very funny. Me grinning like a Cheshire cat and this VERY French woman sneering at me from the table next to mine.

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