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La Semaine du Fooding - bad taste?

File0001 Text by Anna Bromwich, image from Deadliciousnation

The Semaine du Fooding is almost upon us. Coinciding with the release of the new 2009 Guide du Fooding the week of culinary madness kicks off on the 30th of November. The theme is Les Incorrects, - who wants to eat food that is politically correct when there’s horse Carpaccio on offer? The Bureau de Fooding, the group behind the Guide and the week’s events, are not one for following rules, grammatical or gastronomic.  The Semaine de Fooding proposes an anarchic week of events that challenges food etiquette to the hilt and culminates in a shindig in a disused 1929 art deco swimming pool, Piscine Molitor.  Download invitations on their site from 29 November- 10 euros entrance and proceeds go to the charity Action Contre la Faim.

Interestingly some of the dishes served up this week will be familiar to our proverbial French grandparents. Some recipes from the history books that didn’t quite stand the test of time and are now considered a little improper. When did we stop eating odorous cheese with champagne?  Are Le Fooding kidding when they say the next stage is Veuve Cliquot with maggots?  Equally intriguing are the masked chefs who will be feeding their customers dishes that you would never find in their own restaurants around Paris. They have been given free rein to create something forbidden, defective and deviant. In a country not known for a squeamish attitude towards food, the San Pelligrino sponsored Zorros will be sure to come up with the shock factor.

It has been said that the apex of French cuisine is innovation. It is this artistry that brings fame to French chefs and maybe brings La Semaine de Fooding in line with tradition in it's daring. After recovering from the week's events you can taste this theory for yourself with the Bureau de Fooding’s guide to the best restaurants in Paris, accompanied by quirky illustrations from the Escher-like graphic designer Istvàn Orosz and Le Fooding‘s new find, Thomas Brissot.

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