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Vidéodanse 2009 at Centre Pompidou


Tiffany Tang writing for VINGT Paris Image Bruce Grant

Centre Pompidou's annual Vidéodanse festival clocks up it's 28th year in 2009.  A five-week event presenting a selection of 200 films and documentaries including works by Marin, Decouflé, Forsythe, De Keersmaeker, Bel and Hoghe. The event also dedicates four days in homage to the late renowned figures in contemporary dance ­– Pina Bausch and Merce Cunningham – by retracing their works and their legacy shaping the present contemporary dance scene. Titled “Quand Le Réel Entre Dans La Danse,” Vidéodanse 2009 adopts a dialectic approach in questioning how “the Real” (le réel) enters and manifests itself in the domain of contemporary dance. This is in relation to French philosopher Alain Badiou’s idea of “the passion of the Real”, which he believes to be the ultimate and defining experience of the twentieth century as we come into direct encounter with the Real by shedding layers of reality. The series of selected films approachthe concept through the examination of various themes: the setting, politics, history, auto-portraits, documentaries, food, animals, the question of genre and identity and the image of the body. Vidéodanse 2009 aims to rediscover and re-examine how the transformation of reality through the century has influenced and brought the development of contemporary dance to its present stage.

Vidéodanse 2009  - Through 23 November from 11.30 to 21.30, at the foyer of Centre Pompidou, Level -1.

Free entry.

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Stanley Chan

I won't be in Paris at the time. Please tell me more about this event later!

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