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Cerveau Collectif at Le Laboratoire

6a00d8341c90c353ef0120a5f59a5d970b-300wiText Araceli Salgado Pintor - Photo: Smoking the "Whaf"

An exhibition of innovations and a synthesis of  Le Laboratoire’s creations is what is presented at “Cerveau Collectif”.  In a showroom layout composed by different tables with multiple objects where the spectator is invited to guess which is the invention issued helped by the objects around in each table. With Mustrek, the interactive application for iphone, the visitor can follow the inventors’ steps by reading, hearing or watching the anecdotes attached to each object, also he can try to “puzzle” all  objects at the video table.

Mustrek is an interactive tool created by Harvard students and a group of French high school students that allows you to create your own content and visits to cultural places.  The other two inventions presented at this exhibition are: “Andrea” - a live air filter powered by a natural plant-  and the “Whif” - a chocolate inhalator-. In the other side of the exhibition we can find the a section called “Nuages de saveur” (flavor clowds) the last creation of the food designer Marc Bretillot and Le Laboratoire’s director David Edwards. This last invention is called the “Whaf” and is a kind of aroma diffuser for tasty cockatils - recipes by Thierry Marx - some of the smoke is concentrated in a glass, then the visitor can imbibe the content with a glass pipette. With this exhibition Le Laboratoire shows to the world its creative process and lauch the smoking cocktails thanks to the “Whaf”.

Le Laboratoire
4 rue de Bouloi
75001 Paris
Metro: Louvre-Rivoli / Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre
Open: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 12 to 7 pm.
“Cerveau Collectif” until January 4th 2010

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