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Exposition Femmes, Après Coup a Hotel de Ville

RDC_200907_LAM.2979_reference Image: Lâm Duc Hiên

Femmes, Après Coup is a photography and sound installation about violence against women presented by Medecins du Monde in front of Hotel de Ville until April 24, 2010.  It is composed of seven testimonies from victims of violence in Guatemala, Haiti, Moldavia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and France. The portaits by Lâm Duc Hiên are accompanied by testimonies of acts of violence, whether physical, psychological or economic. Not only does the exhibition inform about the multiplicity of forms of violence and possible solutions, but it also hopes to break the taboo around the subject and encourage speaking up to help overcome the status of a victim.

According to the photographer, Lâm Duc Hiên, the purpose of the exhibition is to "end the silence of these battered women, translate their suffering in images." He adds, "I wanted to tell their life stories through their own eyes. " Lâm Duc Hiên, who has Vietnamese origins, was born in Laos, but fled the country in 1975 to seek refuge in Thailand and then France. Having obtained his diploma in fine arts, he became a photographer working for humanitarian organizations and covered Romania, Russia, conflict zones in Mauritania, Kurdistan, Sudan and Bosnia. He won the World Press Photo prize in 2001 for his series of portraits entitled Iraqis under embargo. He also the author of the exposition, Mekong, history of men currently on display on the fence of the Luxembourg gardens.

The exhibition is accompanied by a free theatre performance by Valérie Thomas on 15th and 16th of April at 6:30pm. Together with four other actresses she proposes a show entitled Dix moi de chair, dix moi de chiffon pour porter témoignage, porter stigmate. As the author states in her own words, the aim of the performance is "To stand before you, in a provocative position, but one that does not allow any ambiguity, in our sexual bodies, ten of me of flesh, ten of me of cloth, to bear witness, to bear the stigma. That is indeed "violence against" - to mark, stigmatize the body as the other."

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