Pershing Hall Hotel

P-pershinghall1 Text by Eva Krysiak

Pershing Hall Hotel provides a striking blend of sensory titillation. Dramatic green, red and pink lighting cloaks the walls and the smell of fresh mint and limes wafts from the cocktails. A vertical, botanical wall provides the centerpiece of the downstairs lounge - at 30 metres high and spanning two floors, it provides a dramatic setting. 

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Chez Jeannette

Susie Hollands and Ana Lee-Karkar writing for VINGT Paris


This is a new-look for the very tatty old bar once frequented students from L'Ecole internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq next door.  Now THE right bank hang-out for the arty-fashion-gay crowd, the bar is located right on the Strasbourg St Denis Market opposite Passage Brady's Indian alley - yes, a quartier trés métissé.

The food is decent and a solid choice for Sunday brunch - featuring "Jeannette's burger" - most dishes range from 7.50 to 19 euros. Of course it's more the high quality people-watching than gastronomical value we're seeking here.

The 1940s wallpaper is a throw-back to the era of the original Jeannette, an Auvergnate who passed the Bistro on to the next generation (from the region that famously produced and assisted the Costes as well as countless other Bistro and cafe owners) ...on the condition that they did not radically change the décor.  That's the reason it's a truly authentic patina - with a very slight sheen.

No drinks allowed outside which is the major down side and keeps La Perle in our good books. If we were to compare the two, we'd say Chez Jeannette has a slightly higher percentage of bearded men.

Chez Jeannette
47, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris

More photos of Chez Jeannette on our Flickr group.

La Terrasse FLO

Laterrasse On the roof off the Printemps department store, this bar-restaurant is a real pleasure to visit - especially in August which cuts out the escalator queue.

Grab your mini bottle of 5 euro wine at entry and head to the large terrace with panoramic views over all of Paris' monuments; the bottle should last you two generous glasses.

Beach wood flooring and city luminescence from up top can leave one in a dreamlike state - that alone makes for good vibes and a relaxing evening with friends.

Note: The place is really rockin' during the warmer seasons, especially for the "alternatively" living.

La Terrasse FLO - Le Printemps
64 boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris

Broc Déj at Comptoir Général

Ana Lee writing for VINGT Paris

Picture 1 Every Sunday from 11h to 17h, the Comptoir Général hosts a breakfast / brunch and brocante event in their ecclectic eco-friendly space.

For 6 euros you have an all you can eat Petit Déjeuner with large jars of home made jams, to scoop into to your heart's content. We had the pleasure of having a guitarist come to our table and croon Brassens while munching on our tartines.

The space is also family friendly and includes a play space for kids, and a cabinet of curiosités to lure the critters while you're skimming through the vintage clothing racks.

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Que du Bonheur at Rosa Bonheur

Rosa-Bonheur Located inside the Buttes-Chaumont park, this bar / restaurant is Paris outside of Paris, an ideal place to go to watch the sun set over the city.

You can either sit on the grass with your friends on the hill right under the bar or join the festivities inside, as they play music of the likes of Benitez and Nebula, David Bowie, Jennifer Cardinni, Jacques Brel, and Siouxie & The Banshees.

Saturday nights are a must in the summer.

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20 Terraces

Marley_resize 1. Café Marly, 1er
2. Café Suedois, 4e
3. Tokyo Eat, 16e
4. Les Deux Magots, 6e
5. Corcorans 18e
6. Stolly's, 4e
7. Chez Prune, 10e
8. Andy Wahloo, 3e
9.  Café Carette, 16e
10. Café de la Mosquée de Paris, 5e
11. La Mer à Boire, 20e
12. Point Ephèmere, 10e
13. Le Pause Café, 11e
14. Batofar, 13e
15. Café Sancerre, 18e
16. Le Mini Palais, 8e
17. L'Entrepôt, 14e
18. Point Ephémère, 10e
19. Le Soleil, 20e
20. Bar du Marché 6e

Drawing by Francis van der Riet

Bob's Juice Bar

For those who know of Bob's Juice Bar in the 10th arrondissement, a new one has opened on rue des Gravilliers in the Arts & Metiers area. This is the place to go for healthy vegetarian fast-food. Get your wheat-grass drinks and smoothies starting from 3 euros, menus including salads and sandwiches at 9 euros.

Bob's Juice Bar
15, rue Lucien Sampaix
75010 Paris

74 rue des Gravilliers NEW!
75003 Paris

Oh la la!

Oh-la-la-1239701461olala Located right by Place de la République, this old workshop has been newly transformed into a bar / restaurant / loft, opening tomorrow.

One half of the space will be decked out in Space Invaders, the other half will be a hub for artists including eBoy, the musical ambiance composed by Béatrice Ardisson.

Food will involve classic French dishes with an innovative twist. We're hoping that Oh la la, will taste as good as it looks!

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Le Piano Vache

Will Hutchins writing for I V Y paris

PianoVache Paris is certainly not lacking when it comes to chic cafés or à la mode wine bars but if you’re hankering after a rather more alternative establishment in which to hang out with friends over a beer or une verre de vin, then take yourself down to Le Piano Vache.

Tucked away on the attractive cobbled side-street rue Laplace in the shadow of Le Panthéon, this marvelously monickered bar is a hideout for all those with a penchant for punk, new wave and metal.

Though don’t expect to find it chock-a-block with long hair drinkers clad in t-shirts emblazoned with the names of Norwegian death metal bands, or even bald old punks in Crass t-shirts.

Instead you will be welcomed by a busy mish-mash of laissez-faire people and a lively atmosphere. It is also very much a student hangout as it is reasonably priced, yet not the very cheapest of drinking venues in Paris, with pints costing €5 before nine and €5.50 after, while alcools et cocktails cost an extra euro.

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20 Bars

Meurice 1. La Perle
2. L'Alimentation Générale
3. Les Taulières
4. L'International
5. Le César
6. Le Fanfaron
7. Rosa Bonheur
8. Le Magnifique
9. Truskel
10. Aux Noctambules
11. Le Tania Club
12. Black Calavados
13. Experimental Cocktail Club
14. Mama Shelter
15. Curio Parlor
16. Le China
17. Andy Wahloo
18. Aux Folies
19. Bar Du Plaza Athénée
20. Ave Maria

Photo: Critik Paris

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