Paris - City of Blinding Lights (December 2006) (2006-12-06)

Paris – City of Blinding Lights (December 2006) (2006-12-06)

Music: U2 - City Of Blinding Lights.

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estebantony says:

Quand on sait que Paris existe, je ne comprends pas qu’on puisse de son plein gré vivre ailleurs

StudentCorpse says:

Devil wears prada <3

John Otto says:

I will always love you. You are the most amazing woman to ever live.

FreedomWriter3 says:

I’ve never been to Paris. Let alone Europe in general but it is definitely the number one thing on my bucket list.

bobduvar says:

Ca y est ça recommence avec les Musulmans à Paris ???!!!!
Putain mais tu dois être un putain de frustré dans ta vie toi !!! J’te raconte même pas !!!
Sans déconner !!!
Tu es un indigent du cerveau ! Un orphelin des neurones ! Un SDF de la pensée !
Tu es du genre à passer devant une vitrine de Ladurée et tu dois haïr les gens qui mangent des macarons dans la boutique !!!
Je te vois bien avec tes cheveux gras déambuler dans Paris et te sentir mal dans ta peau quand tu vois des gens heureux !

petrusprimusmaximus says:

The ‘you’ in this song is Paris

petrusprimusmaximus says:

Well done……..

jason pena says:

i love this song it make me what to go to paris :)

Erin S says:

This song and video make me want to go back to Paris so badly!

Desalpages says:

Aux USA c’est pire, des noirs partout, les drogués, des évangélistes haineux….. Chacun sa merde.

jason pena says:

I LOVE PARIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

virgocasablancas says:


mellowboy23 says:

That is indeed the city of blinding lights!!

YS Toh says:

when will paris start to snow?

llaveterna says:

My Dream♥ Pris Je t’ aime i iiwsih someday to go to that place where dreams are made of

DC Rayleigh says:

i really want to go to paris!

MrAugustus88 says:

Shame France is full of Morrocans, Algerians and blacks, hardly any French to be seen, it is not safe to walk on the streets.

iThinkDiffrent says:

look at my new video of paris city :

bobduvar says:

i’ve been one time in Amsterdam. At every corner they wanted to sell me marijuana, lsd, heroin etc etc..
next time i will stay in Saint Tropez !!!!

karentje97 says:

I was in Paris at march on holiday.
I come from Holland!
But it is very chaotic,
because it is a important worldcity, of course!

But it is beautifull!
I saw the Arc the Triomph,
the Louvre, a warehouse,
the Nottredam… and the Eiffeltower
of course! I even was inside of the Eiffeltower!
And we traveled around in a Sightseeing car!

So that was so cool!
But I will never go back to there,
because it is dangerous
with cars and whatever…

jekorb says:

This is my favorite of favorites~~~thank you!!  Can’t wait to get to This Place. Amazing…..

MrRob2305 says:

beautiful city!!!!

Paulo Jorge says:

Congratulations, this your video is very good. The U2 and this song is very beautiful. Paris is wonderful and your montage very good, professional.

Florence1231000 says:

Oui! Oui! Oui! J’adore Paris!

themango616 says:

i love paris and this song too :)

estebantony says:

i fall in love with Paris! i was there about 3 weeks ago, i miss it so much! =( hope to come back soon!!!

markkiz2304 says:

I love Paris and this song so much. This bring me great memories, I hope to return there soon!

Tavo Jimenez says:

I loove paris ! it’s my favorite city! … and the song is amazing

BrightlyMinded says:

Check out my Paris vid!

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