Paris, France: The Magnificent Louvre

Paris, France: The Magnificent Louvre

Once the biggest palace for the ultimate King, the Louvre now houses the world’s grandest art gallery with over 300000 works of art. First open to the pubic…

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Benjamin Harrison says:

why are people talking in ur video

fatabluette7 says:

*__* Fantastico!

123cbot says:

went there at 12 years old

2c1496 says:

just got back from Paris…went to the Louvre…plan on going back….Magnificant

Eellenne says:

My hearts desire to visit there Thank you for giving me a glimpse of such beauty

iampeeay01 says:

Amazing the Louvre.. Planning to go there one of these days…

rita santos says:

Louvre is soooooo beautiful…

campusfranceindia says:

Great Video, we have featured it on our Facebook page for the students to learn more about France

IrinaPanovf says:

Beautiful and cleverly made. The best I have found ! Thank you again .

FireVortex720 says:

i went there, spent about 3 hours and didn’t even see about 20% of it :’(

Tijulina says:

Thanks for sharing!

NiallMS says:

Many thanks Rick, very well filmed and presented. Yep, I must go there (and St Sulpice!)

Pablo Garzón says:

I made a 1 hour visit before the museum close, the quickest Louvre visit ever =-/

BlakeBarbieDoll says:

‘Nike of Samothrace’ sums up the Louvre, NOT the Mona Lisa (which over rated).

MissBooish says:

paintings are not created to decorate walls but so that we know where to find our spirituals

Matserboy says:

totally worth a visit

buffaloZbrown says:

@JamesonSmirnoff, 25 seconds in…
That’s Paul Delaroche’s “La jeune martyre” (1855).

dontchuckitson says:

Worth a visit?

CRluver19 says:

I WANT TO GO BACK THERE such a wonderful peace with so much to see, a taste for everyone! Truely amazing, no words to describe sucha place :)

JolieeParis says:

Wow, j’adore l’art de Paris. Vous connaisez les pavilons de l’exposition universelle de 1900? Ce sont mes favorites J’ai trouvé des photos magnifiques et tres intéressantes sur mun iphone.

BobRenoir says:


TheAverycross says:

I visited the Louvre when I vacationed in Paris last winter. And I do agree that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to seek and study its treasures, including the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Nike (The Winged Victory of Samothrace).

Roseyard says:

The journey inside the Louvre is a life time one!

All In English Bs As says:

I have worked with this video in ny English class and my studetns were delighted!

victoriand2 says:





imdimdimd says:

I have been there in 2003 , it,s some thing you have to do before you ….. DIE

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