20 Maisons de Chocolat

Chocolat Jacques Genin 1. Pierre Hermé, 6e
2. Christian Constant, 6e
3. Patrice Chapon, 7e
4.Jean Paul Hévin, 1er
5. La Maison du Chocolat, 8e
6. Marquise de Sévigné, 8e
7. Fouquet, 9e
8. La Petite Chocolaterie, 17e
9. La Chocolaterie Jacques Genin, 3e
10. Malitourne, 16e
11. Sucrecacao, 20e
12. Arnaud Lahrer, 18e
13. A la Mère de Famille, 9e
14. Dalloyau, 8e
15. Michel Chaudun, 7e
16. Gérard Mulot, 6e
17. La Reine Astrid, 6e
18. Lenôtre, 16e
19. Charpentier, 17e
20. Cacao et Chocolat, 4e

Photo features chocolat creations by Jacques Genin, Les Gourmandises de Philippe


Christiana Konstantinou writing for I V Y paris

Pramil-300-2 Rue du Vertbois is one of those little-known parisian streets that hide their gastronomic secrets so well. Meat lovers have certainly visited at least once L' Ami Louis, cherished hideout of many American Presidents and home of the largest and possibly best "cote de boeuf" in town -consequently sized and priced.

Amateurs of the Southern Hemisphere's equivalent have pushed more than once Anahi's door -yes, the building is still standing, the rib eye equally good and the time it takes to travel from the kitchen to your table still reminds you that it came all the way from Argentina after all.

Fewer are those, though, who have noticed a discreet and elegant facade on the opposite side, half a block down the road.

Whitewashed beams, soft lights and blooming orchids introduce you to the universe of Alain Pramil, master of the establishment that simply carries his last name. A handful of tables up front, a second one -almost unnoticed- in the back, nothing really prepares you for the gastronomic experience that's about to follow.

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La Briciola

Daniel Scheffler writing for I V Y paris

Briciolaall20080508-briciola-bianca_bresaolaIn the epicenter of Parisian trendiness comes a truly unashamed Italian bistro offering freshness and understated simplicity.

Dark rocket leaves, many tomatoes and shavings of parmesan cover an eclectic plate of Southern Italy. Order pizzas with ricotta and ask for chillies whilst the owners pour heavy shots of limoncello. 

The interior is minimal and allows for the focus of the restaurant to be on the handsome food. Book for big tables and enjoy exceptional wines served by the carafe.

La Briciola
64 Rue Charlot
75003 Paris

Photos: Omy.fr and Chrisoscope.com

Berko Bakery

Berko+-+Window Inspired from Sex and the City's cupcake craze (see Magnolia Bakery) comes Berko Bakery, our very own Parisian version.

This colorfully frosted pastry shop offers a number of original recipes, both savory and sweet.

We recommend their cheesecake made from real Philadelphia cream cheese, available also in bite-size to accompany your café.

Berko Bakery
23 rue Rambuteau
75004 Paris

Photo from the Puff List

Marché des Enfants Rouges

What do our fellow Parisians think about our city's oldest market* ?

Enfantsrouges The hedge fund controller says:
"First we can find you. Second you're multicultural."

The graphic designer says:
"The italian shop / restaurant :) and the photography shop !"

The international banker says:
"I've only stopped by this Marché once and couldn't decide what my favourite thing was. It's a lovely place!"

The art curator says:
"The atmosphere changes the moment you step through the wrought iron gate from rue de Bretagne, it is unique. The width of the shopkeepers grin and their friendly chat invariably compensates for their tendency to move at their own, leisurely pace - here there is all the time in the world. A haven in the heart of Paris which provides the local community with delicious freshly prepared international food."

The PR executive says:
"People are so nice there. It's a real French market where u can find good products and good advice for cooking. The Japanese restaurant is excellent!"

More on: Marché des Enfants Rouges

Rose Bakery in the Marais

Daniel Scheffler writing for I V Y paris
With sanctuaries like these, the trick is to keep breathing. The light knight has saved me to a place beyond.

The best coffee in paris, the darkest chocolate and the tarts parading the shelves with vestibular influence. A meeting rectangle for old friends and being sat down at an already bubbling table with one seat to spare and making all together new friends carry the ethos of this bakery.

It's modern paris, it's revived and left the victorian classic drizzle behind, with fresh food and invested staff. Order a latte, scribble on your brown paper place mat and listen to even the French clients speaking english.

More on: Rose Bakery in the Marais

Baklawa and Middle Eastern Pastries in Paris

Baklawa25 No more macaroons please. Sticky, sweet, pistachio filled pastries are the perfect complement to your cup of tea this fall season. Spurred on by a new Bague de Kenza location in the 3eme, we have been onto these lil' delicacies for a few years.

These desserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and mainly involve honey, syrup, walnuts, pistachios, dates, or cashews, between layers of delicate cookie dough. You find some of the best recipes at the addresses below:

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75th Vendanges de Montmartre 2008

Les_vendanges_de_montmartre_viel__2There was a time when Montmartre was a neighborhood of wine vineyards, covered in plush greens and ripe grapes.

Luckily at this time of year, Parisians and visitors get a taste of Montmartre's old time spirit. The annual Vendanges de Montmartre (Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival) turns the northern tip of Paris into a classic festival of wine tasting and good old gallivanting.

The week long festivities are sponsored by Victoria Abril and filmmaker Claude Lelouche. From art exhibitions to concerts and film screenings, can you expect anything less from the artistically stimulated Parisians?

More on: 75th Vendanges de Montmartre 2008

Ave Maria

Ave_maria Up over in the 11th, before you hit Oberkampf and Ménilmontant, is Ave Maria.
Hearty meals of Latin American, Asian, Creole, and Caribbean fusion foods have names like "Woman on Top" and "Amélie Poulet".

Here you'll find Buddha, Shiva, and Jesus along a hangline of bathing suits strung across the ceiling. The music includes a mix of 311, the Cure, and Dre.

A festive, atypical restaurant and hang out. Come early to reserve your table.

Ave Maria

1, Rue Jacquard

Bagel Tom - Bagel Sandwiches Made by a Guy Named Tom

Bageltom1Bagel Tom, owned and operated by Thomas Miniscloux (aka Bagel Tom), is one of the best places in town to get donuts, pop-tarts, peanut butter, and yes, bagels.

Just off rue Volta, Bagel Tom offers an array of bagel sandwiches (named after NFL football teams), as well as dessert bagels, muffins, cheesecake and free wireless internet in the shop.

But you don't even have to go in because you can order from the window!

On Fridays, Bagel Tom serves up a special foie gras bagel - not to be missed.

Bagel Tom
12 rue Volta
75003 Paris
Metro: Arts et Metiers

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